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Chris Burch Can Increase Your Company’s Worth With Innovative Approaches.

The captivating area of fashion, in addition to the inventive area of technology, from the origin of their establishment, are two different areas of ingenuity that have gone through many revolutions. The two of these mesmerizing areas have progressed side by side for many years. During the period of the truly innovative era of the 1970’s, a new gadget started to grow and become very popular. It was a fresh creation – a technical item for sharing the sound of music, renowned by the colloquialism “boom box.” This new invention immediately attracted people to it as it let the user own an easily transportable music player, and in addition it allowed the music to be very mobile. The consumer now had the chance to transmit their music to a group of people or while out on a walk inside their community. The 1980’s soon appeared, and the product began to frequently show up in television and theaters, associated with break-dancers and their hip new way of dressing. The 1990’s presented a new outlook, there was an advancement where the product was made small enough to secure it to a belt, quietly experienced with the advent of personal headphones. Ten years later, the product was manufactured to be even smaller, had no moving parts, and could now be concealed within a pant pocket. This innovative development in the product’s size was directly the result of fashion’s influence.


That ground-breaking technology is connecting with fashion. Many designers of fashion attire have manufactured outfits that are designed to protect the user and be an elegant device simultaneously. A superb example of a coupling of fashion with technology is the advent of an airbag placed on the owner’s neck. This airbag assembly mixed with clothes is useable while riding a bike; should the owner fall from an accident, the clothing item inflates and the user’s neck is secured.


Products that are mixed with technology and fashion are the means of income for CEO and designer for Burch Creative Capital, one Mr. Chris Burch. Mr. Burch is a founder of many ventures that combine technology and fashion. Mr. Burch is looked upon as a “power brander.”


He uses his knowledge of branding and promoting by exploring a diversity of technology, mixed with garments. He founded Eagle’s Eye using a $2,000 endowment, rising to a $165 million endeavor.





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