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Managing Healthcare In A Vortex

Maggie Gill has made healthcare a mainstay of her career, and in the 13 years she spent with Memorial Health, she went from being Vice President of Finance in the managed care division, to be Chief Operating Officer in 2005 and finally was named President and CEO of Memorial Health in just 7 years after she started with this company. The growth and exponential value she brought to Memorial Health was unilaterally regarded as being priceless.

During her time as CEO, her responsibilities were numerous, including physician relations and government relations. Late in 2016, Memorial Health was the recipient of 7 Annual Health Care Heroes Awards given out by the Georgia Medical Society. These heroes were nominated in six different categories. Community outreach, health care innovation and health care education were a few of the departments that received awards.

Health care innovation received the award based on the “Primary Care Accelerated Track” program, which is a collaborative effort between Memorial Health and a local university. Under their health care education efforts, there is a teen driver program, which is to educate teenagers on safety of operating a motor vehicles. Where Memorial Health really shined, however, was in their community outreach program where their safety officer and regional emergency coordinator won, in addition to supporters of their eponymous Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah.

It does make some sense that under the tutelage of Ms. Gill, Memorial Health cared for an overwhelming number of uninsured individuals as well as others who are fiscally disadvantaged. It is her strong leadership, and deep commitment to the well-being of others, that helped Ms. Gill navigate Memorial Health through some of the most tumultuous times in the history of healthcare in this country. She was at the helm through the entire implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and had to ebb-and-flow with all that went along with the seemingly ever-changing health insurance marketplace, and she did it well.

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