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The Connection Between the Kabbalah Centre and Other Religions

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre was established in 1984. The LA Kabbalah Centre moved to the city that year from New York City, where it was established in 1965. The New York City, and then Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre organizations, were outgrowths of a Kabbalah Centre study institute that existed in the Middle East since 1925, in the area that eventually became the State of Israel.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that there exists a connection between the teachings of the Kabbalah and other religions. Kabbalist teachings hold that all spiritual and religious belief systems are really just different branches of the same universal wisdom.Watch Video .

Because all major religions and spiritual systems are derivatives of the same universal wisdom, Kabbalah is not an alternative to them. Rather, Kabbalah is a supplement to religious and spiritual systems.

The Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles is not the only place where a person can learn the relationship between Kabbalist thought and practice and other religions, as well as other teachings. The Kabbalah Centre has established about 50 branch locations across the globe. This includes satellite centers in major cities like Toronto, New York, and London.

In addition to branch locations, here are hundreds of study groups in operation around the world. Finally, a person can learn about the relationship between Kabbalah and other religions via educational programs offered via the Internet.

When it comes to accessing teaching from the Kabbalah Centre, it does take a less restrictive approach than is the case of other Kabbalah organizations and instructional centers. For example, the Kabbalah Centre permits people who do not have a background in Jewish and Hebrew texts. Many more traditional Kabbalist centers also require a participant to be older, oftentimes over the age of 40. Moreover, there are instances in which Kabbalist learning is largely restricted to men. for more.

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