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José Henrique Borghi; the Advertising Mogul of Brazil

Jose Borghi is a native of Brazil from Presidente Prudente. He has become an influential figure in the Brazilian advertising sector. He is able to come up with creative and unforgettable events that are customized to meet the client’s unique needs. Initially, he did not intend to join the world of advertising. However, an invite from his sister changed all that. He was attracted to the commercial ad displays he saw in the big city and it sparked a desire in him to join that world.

The journey of His Professional Career

After he successfully attained his academic papers from the PUC-Campinas, he had great ideas but not resources to actualize them. However, he still managed to get a job at an ad agency as the editor. He moved on to other agencies where he continued to hone his skills in advertising. While working at an ad agency, he formed a professional relationship with Erh Ra. They, later on, founded an ad agency called BorghiErh.

The Challenges they faced

When Jose and Erh formed their ad agency, they had no financial backers but their desire to succeed saw them through. In 2006, their perseverance paid off when Lowe offered to from a new ad agency with them called Borghi Lowe. Borghi saw it fit to split the presidency with himself and Erh so that the benefit could benefit from diverse perspectives of leadership.

The Formation of Mullen Lowe

The company recently agreed to partner with Mullen Group and Lowe agency to enlarge the reach of its ad services. The company eventually changed its name to Mullen Lowe. The CEOS of this agency are Andre Gomes and José Henrique Borghi. Jose knows that success is not given. Over the years, he has worked hard to get to where he is. His efforts have not gone unnoticed and he has been awarded numerous times.

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