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Stephen Rotella – Financial Management for All Walks of Life

Stephen Rotella knows financial management. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stony Brook University in 1975, and an M.B.A. in Information Technology/Finance from University at Albany, SUNY in 1978. He spent the next two years as a Senior Consultant for Accenture. From that point forward, Stephen’s resume contains titles such as Vice President, President, CEO, and COO. For an impressive 18 years, Stephen acted as CEO of Chase Home Finance for J.P. Morgan, moving to Washington Mutual in 2005.

Mr. Rotella became CEO of Stonecastle Cash Management in 2011 and StoneCastle Partners, LLC in 2014. StoneCastle provides insured deposit technology and services to institutional investors. In 2017 Stonecastle acquired Intermedium Financial, LLC, including the Interlink FinTech platform and assets. With this latest acquisition, Stephen claims, “We plan to be a disruptive and differentiated force in the insured sweep industry.”

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Stephen Rotella is an active philanthropist as well as a financier. A board member of several charitable organizations over the years, he chaired BalletMet in the 1990’s and is currently Chair of the Board for LIFT, Inc.LIFT dedicates their efforts to fighting poverty from a multigenerational perspective. According to LIFT, 1 in 3 people is a single financial crisis away from falling into poverty. 66 percent of those who escape poverty will fall again within five years. Stephen joined LIFT in 2012 and was elected the new chairman in 2015. Kirsten Lodal, Lift CEO and Co-Founder, stated: “We are thrilled to pass the baton from one incredible leader to another at a pivotal time in our history.”Steve Rotella’s career experience makes him uniquely suited to lead LIFT. “There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that something you have done, small or large, gives someone the chance to build a better life. LIFT has helped so many people do just that for a long time.” Stephen is in a perfect position to further LIFT’s goals.


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