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Goettl Expands Further In Las Vegas

The 2016 return of the Goettl Air Conditioning brand to Las Vegas, Nevada has always been seen as one of the most important aspects of the development of the business for owner Ken Goodrich, who took control of the historic company after it had become solely focused on the state of Arizona. In recent months, the Goettl brand has embarked upon a major expansion by merging with a number of existing air conditioning and plumbing brands in the city.

Two more companies were recently added to the Goettl stable of air conditioning brands in Las Vegas with the mergers with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air being completed. Goettl is now seen as one of the largest and most important air conditioning brands in Las Vegas once again after the addition of the two companies that will see new clients added to Goettl’s growing list in the commercial and rental market sectors. There are also benefits for the 20 employees of the two merged companies in being added to the Goettl company, including a greater number of services available that will now include plumbing options for customers.

The Goettl brand has seen major leaps forward in the quality of its work and customer service in recent months as Ken Goodrich has made a dedicated push to make sure every service provided is done so at the best possible level. Goettl built its reputation on innovation and customer service, areas Ken Goodrich is focused upon making as excellent as possible across the southwest.

When the Goettl brothers arrived in Arizona in the 1930s from their home in Ohio the residents of the state often left for the Summer to escape the scorching heat. The invention and development of HVAC units and evaporation units by Goettl is known as playing a major role in the move to make Arizona and Nevada habitable areas of the U.S.

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