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The preeminent philanthropist, business magnate and investor George Soros has for years pushed the boundaries of giving and taking action. Founder and chairman of numerous hedge funds and charities, he focuses his time on financial and political gains. He’s been highly successful in business, founding Soros Fund Management. At last report his net worth is roughly $25 billion, while he has given approximately $12 billion to various foundations and aid groups around the world. He works for open and responsible government as well as political and socioeconomic justice. Soros is most famous for aiding groups of people forced from mainstream society such as those in the LGBTI community. In addition to his work on citizens’ rights, he has a strong focus on accountability in the government. Much of this desire to help stems from his own beginnings. Read his profile at Forbes.

Born in 1930 in Budapest Hungary, to a non-practicing Jewish family, His father was lawyer and his mother was part owner of a very successful silk shop. When he was just thirteen years old, the Nazi-Germany military marched into Hungary, occupying it for the majority of the final days of World War II. During this period, over a half million Jews were killed. The Soros family secured false identity papers for themselves and others to avoid this fate. Following the downfall of the Nazis, Hungary soon found itself under the Iron Curtain of the Soviet-led Communist party. Just two short years after the Allies took Europe, Soros made the leap to study at the London School of Economics, working as a porter and waiter to pay for his education. It wasn’t until 1956 that he entered the investments and finance industry in the United States. Soon, he found himself one of the most prosperous hedge fund investors in history. Visit to know more about George Soros

Using his new-found wealth and clout with the economic elite, Soros hoisted the proverbial philanthropic flag. He started the Open Society Foundation and, along with his own funds, led many investors to follow suit with donations. Among his first endeavors was providing scholarships for black South Africans during the era of apartheid and pushing for greater dialogue between the East and the West. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, George Soros began to expand his work across the globe, including the United States itself. To date, his foundation has teamed with countless projects in over 100 countries. Internationally, his philanthropic causes deal with the integration and stabilization of refugees and minorities. Domestically, he works on issues of deep importance to himself, including marriage equality persecution and the universal access to medical marijuana. To many, George Soros is both a profitable investor and a dedicated guardian of the oppressed and under-represented. Although he knows that many of the issues he attempts to tackle may be monumental, any movement in these areas will lead to real change.

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