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Experienced Philadelphia Litigation Attorney: Karl Heideck

Experienced Philadelphia Litigation Attorney: Karl HeideckA litigation lawyer oftentimes makes a decision to practice law in this area while still in law school. Indeed, in some cases, a person is drawn to law school with the idea of becoming a litigation attorney.

While in law school, a future litigator is likely to take classes that include evidence, civil procedure, and courtroom practice. In addition, a future litigation attorney is also likely to be involved in a law school’s law clinic program.

Through a law clinic program, a third year law students has the chance to represent real life clients. This work is undertaken under the supervision of a licensed lawyer. A students typically has the chance to make courtroom appearances while working in a law clinic.

Upon graduation, and passing the bar exam, a new attorney interested in becoming a litigator may take a job with a prosecutor’s office or the public defender. Although this is not the precise area of the law where a litigator typically works, this type of position gives a future litigation attorney a good deal of actual courtroom experience.

Litigation attorneys work in a number of settings. These includes corporations and other types of businesses, governmental agencies, and private practice. Litigation attorneys in private practice may work for large or small firms. Many large firms have their own litigation departments. Other litigation attorneys are part of smaller, boutique law firms.

Karl Heideck is an example of a litigation attorney associated with a smaller firm. Heideck has been a litigation attorney for over 10 years.

In addition to practicing as a litigation attorney, Heideck also practices in the employment, products liability, and commercial law areas. Heideck also practices in the areas of regulatory compliance and risk management. He represents a wide array of clients, including individuals and businesses. Heideck obtained his law degree from Temple University Law School.

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