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At the Lung Institute You are one of a kind

At the Lung Institute you are treated as one of a kind. They know that each disease is different just like each individual is different. Because they recognize this, your treatment is specialized just for you, which makes for the best possible outcome. The patients also have access to any innovative trials. The Lung Institute provides treatment for patients that have all kinds of lung diseases and at all stages.

Lung Stem Cell Treatment has been used in over 3000 patients at the Lung Institute, In those patients with COPD, 84.5% have shown improvement. At least 82% of all patients that use the Lung Stem Cell Treatment have shown some signs of improvement.

During the stem cell treatment a small amount of blood or bone morrow is taken from the patient. This blood or bone morrow is put through a process to separate the stem cells from other cells. The separated stem cells are then introduced into the blood stream through an IV. Within just a heartbeat or two they are then pushed through the right chamber of the heart and enter the lungs. Once in the lungs, they are caught in the “pulmonary trap” and the healing there the healing begins.

Stem cells are self-renewing and can replicate. This means that they can transform their function to other types of tissue, such as damaged lung tissue. This is why this treatment has such great outcomes for those patients suffering from a lung disease.

Lung Stem Cell Treatments are changing the way modern medicine works, and the Lung Institute on Cedars-Sinai is on the forefront of this technology. They were founded in 2013 and now have 5 clinics throughout the United States. Anyone that has been diagnosed with a lung disease can get more information on The Lung Institute by visiting their website,

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