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Impacting The Society From One Generation To The Next

Impacting The Society From One Generation To The Next


A purposeful life is a life lived with a mission. An individual who lives life with a greater mission than themselves leaves a legacy. Most people live a purposeless life. People are still purposeless even when they are in marriages because they lack a purpose in life. It is important to note that two purposeful individuals who come together to a marital agreement shake the world. A shaken world never remains the same because there is a motion that pushes it to move ahead. This is the life of Adam and Gila Milstein. They have created a family foundation for giving back to the society by teaching people the Jewish culture.


Adam and Gila Milstein play a significant role in giving back to the community, unlike most philanthropist. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation equips students with knowledge of the Jewish culture. They enable the students to understand the Jewish culture. This gives them a platform to preserve the culture. They allow people to understand their traditions and value them. This makes their philanthropist journey different from what ordinary philanthropist pursue. The Foundation has been recognized as the best organization globally. The organization won an award for making a positive impact. It was ranked among the top 200 social enterprise and philanthropist bodies globally. The couple funds the foundation from their investment in real estate. Adam Milstein is popular for having left a legacy in the real estate industry. He has property worth $2 billion. Their philanthropist journey shows their selfless state of living and approaching life.


This couple leaves significant lessons for people to pick up and learn from in life. The way they are preserving their culture by teaching the young people about their origin shows that they hold their culture in a unique place. It is also evident that a life of purpose is gratifying. It shows that purpose in life means a life that is greater than an individual. The couple has proven that the meaning of life lies in what you can do for others without expecting them to pay back.

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