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Mindfulness Coming to Class Dojo

Mindfulness is a new movement in schools to help students stay calm. Breathing deeply and finding their calm spot are two ways in which mindfulness helps students stay focused in school. Class Dojo is going to soon start creating videos about the subject.


Again, Class Dojo will partner with a University, this time the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, to create these videos and guides for discussion. These new videos will be available starting soon to help teach children through the popular app. One in three classrooms use this app, and they have spread the message of growth mindset. Class Dojo will now move on to mindfulness.


The skills including in mindfulness, like taking a deep breath, will help students cope with the increasing number of issues arising from anxiety and depression. Recent studies showed that stress among teenagers was on the rise and likely to worsen by the college years.


One of the researchers at Class Dojo shared that the character, the Beast, will represent the strong emotions facing children. “Embrace the beast” is the phrase used, but the videos ask students to work through these difficult emotions. Class Dojo explored this new idea after hearing how schools implemented it successfully.

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