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Susan McGalla is setting the Pace in Executive Women Leadership

Women leaders face a myriad number of challenges in the corporate world. Unequal pay, inequality and a reluctance by the elective boards to have women in positions of power are just a few of them. Affirmative action and government regulation have tried to remedy the situation with little results. However, there are emerging women leaders who are proving the traditional mentality wrong. Susan McGalla is an example of innovative business leadership by women.

A blend of a friendly personality, good interpersonal skills, and networking prowess is enabling women leaders to take up their rightful positions at the top of big business. Women are also known to be excellent role models with a nurturing pre-disposition. They are slowly warming up to the hard work, flexibility and commitment that is essential to a successful corporate career. Susan believes that a strong balance between work and family is important for women to realize their leadership goals.

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a global management consulting firm. She is also the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburg Steelers, a famous National Football League team from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She plays a key role in marketing, talent management, business development, operational efficiency and branding among others.

Susan McGalla graduated from Mount Union College and started her career at the Joseph Horne Company. She then went on to work for American Eagle Outfitters, a fashion chain store. Through a solid work ethic and hard work, she rose through the ranks to become the President and Chief Merchandising Officer at the company. Her success is a personal testament to the evolution of female leadership excellence.

She then worked for Wet Seal as the CEO before launching her consulting career. Wet Seal is a specialty fashion retailer focused on teen fashion based in California.

Susan is vocal about women leadership in business. He has given several talks on the subject. She holds the view that women need to demonstrate clearly more professionalism and confidence in a male-dominated world of leadership. Through the P3 Executive Consulting group, she is a top leader in financial consulting and corporate retail management.

Through the P3 group, she enables fashion companies to adjust their strategies and excel through the fluctuations experienced in the retail segment. She advises women to ignore existing prejudices against women leaders and pursue their goals passionately.

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