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Beneful’s Wet Dog Foods Have a lot to Offer

Beneful has been producing dry and wet dog food, and dog treats since 2001. Pet owners can shop for Beneful’s full range of products at BenefulWalmart, online or in-store. Nutrition for your dog can come at a reasonable price, since coupons are frequently available online, in stores, and in newspapers. All Beneful dog foods are made with real ingredients that are antioxidant-rich for a healthy immune system.

Beneful offers wet dog foods in several different forms. The Beneful Medleys wet dog food offers 3 oz cans in Tuscan, Romana, and Mediterranean styles. They include real meat, veggies and whole grains in a hearty sauce that can be served alone or mixed in with dry dog food. You can also purchase Beneful IncrediBites, which is formulated specifically for small dog breeds. All of these flavors are in smaller bite sizes for smaller mouths. There are 3 oz canned flavor profiles to choose from; beef, chicken or salmon. All three meats come with tomatoes, carrots and wild rice.

Other wet food dog options include Beneful Prepared Meals, which come in 10 oz plastic tubs and offer beef, chicken or lamb. The Beneful Chopped Blends are more finely cut, and lighter on the sauce. These 10 oz plastic tubs also come in lamb, chicken and beef flavors.

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