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Logan Stout Leads IDLife

Absolutely, Logan Stout leads IDLife as its founder and CEO. His passion for wellness is evident in his Stout Advice book and weekly newsletter.

His athletic and coaching background contribute to his dynamic motivational speaking programs. He was a youth coach as well as a varsity baseball and basketball player starting in high school in Richardson, Texas. Stout attended college to receive a business degree at Panola and a psychology degree at The University of Dallas.

Sports and fitness were always a part of his life. Logan Stout played pro baseball with the Fort Worth Cats after college. He coached at Dallas Baptist University while he served as youth minister. Fitness of mind, body and soul all are part of his understanding of wellness. This is true within his family too.

Stout’s passion for helping young people reach their potential and build their skills led him to create the Dallas Patriots, one of the largest baseball organizations worldwide. They offer baseball camps, clinics, private classes and encourage volunteers in the community to be active participants.

In 2014, Logan Stout carried all of these team building skills into his business and founded IDLife in Frisco, Texas. Pillars of the company are quality, scientific integrity and professional guidance. IDLife is unique among the huge wellness industry because of the free health assessments. These guide clients to personalized products to meet their unique needs. No other health or fitness company gives this personal attention. The products from IDLife include shakes, nutrition bars, sleep strips, energy supplements, weight management and more.

The IDLife Experience influences how people think about their health. Coaching helps them create action plans to help them reach their goals. The products are natural, certified organic, gluten free and Kosher. The company grows via affiliate members who each build a team. They offer good compensation. The company provides their professional website, office, support and training.

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