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Einstein Likes the Beef in His Beneful

I know not all dogs and puppies are lap dogs and small in stature, but when watching commercials for Beneful dog food, you can run across some cute stories about little dogs who think they can do remarkable and impossible things after eating their nutrient-rich Beneful. In the first Beneful commercial I encountered, a little fellow named Einstein was amped up with extra energy because he ate Beneful with beef. His owner was sure to point out that Einstein’s ability to never slow down was in direct correlation to large consumptions of his yummy Beneful dry food.

Einstein even thinks he can leap in the air and catch birds! In a different Beneful commercial, we see a tired human owner coming home after a long day at work. Of course, his beloved canine is waiting eagerly for his master’s return, and Fido has placed hundreds of Beneful Walmart tennis balls in strategic places so his owner is sure to see the two-fold message symbolized by each ball: 1) please feed me some Beneful so my belly is happy and filled with balanced nutrition, and 2) please play catch with me! Beneful can be the reward at the end of a long day.

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