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Jason Hope and the Internet of Things are Here to Stay

Jason Hope has spent the better part of the last two years priming up the world for the ascension of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a new concept but it is one that has been growing steadily in the background of the technological zeitgeist for awhile. The Internet of Things is referring to the way by which the internet is going to impact our day to day lives by way of connection with the things we interact with on a daily basis. Hope, a technologist and futurist who is the man behind the SENS Foundation, has plunged into the topic in order to give you a close up look on what we can expect in the future.

Jason Hope knows that the best way to get people excited about a new technological concept is to show them the exact ways in which it could effect them. So in order to really showcase the Internet of Things, Hope pulled together a list of products that are on the market or are heading to the market in order to promote the new technology. Some of these concepts are just for casual use while others could be fundamentally life changing in the right situations.

The first piece of IoT technology by Jason Hope points to is the smart athletic shoe. Shoe companies are always looking for ways to innovate with their audience and it looks like Under Armour is prepared to go all in on the new technology. Under Armour’s new SpeedForm Gemini 2 shoes have tracking equipment built into them. This equipment networks with the internet in order to give you all sorts of athletic statistics, fed to you in real time. Consider the impact that this tech could have on student and professional athletes.We can also see the way that the Internet of Things can change lives by literally saving them. Imagine smart technology interfacing with first responder emergency vehicles. We’d see a rise in efficiency and a spike in lives saved in the kind of day to day accidents and situations that are so prevalent across the country and around the globe. Read full article : Here.


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