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ClassDojo Makes Learning Fun Again

ClassDojo is an used by parents, teachers, and students in order to promote increased performance in their abilities. It is available on computers, smartphones, and tablets so it is widely available to everyone and can be easily accessed. The goal of ClassDojo is to provide an avenue for simple and straightforward communication between the parents and teacher. It includes features that allows the parent to observe how their child is performing in class. It is also designed for the children to enjoy, including a point system and customizable avatar, and they have fun using the app and trying to behave well.

The app has an instant messaging feature so that parents can communicate with parents about important matters that need to be dealt with quickly. The parents are also able to contact the teacher using the instant messaging feature. By allowing parents with more access to their child’s school performance, they are able to stay on top of their child’s progress. This eliminates the need for parent teacher conferences in which the parent is caught off guard because they were not involved in their child’s education. This allows them to know how their student is doing so that they can help them improve if need be.

Additionally, ClassDojo is proving to be a great way for teachers to save time. They are able to record behavior simply by selecting a behavior within the app and it only takes a few seconds. They do not need to spend time writing up long reports or marking behaviors down on the board. It is also great because ClassDojo sends out an email every week that includes the student’s performance that week. This allows the parents to stay on top of their student and make sure they are doing okay and thriving in class.


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