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White Shark Media Handles Consumer Concerns

The digital marketing firm, White Shark Media, concentrates on offering online marketing solutions to both small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media (WSM) is reportedly the fastest expanding company of their kind. Founded in 2011, WSM offers their North American-based clients the chance to improve their profit margins and increase their revenues via online marketing.

WSM currently has a rather broad customer base that continues to grow. The company considers both rants and raves to be helpful. The people at WSM believe they both help to highlight what they are doing correctly and what improvements they should consider.

The corporation also makes an effort to provide all the details of their campaigns to all their customers. WSM also makes monthly status calls to its clients. The company uses an online conference tool named GoToMeeting. It allows company employees to share screens with their customers which better enables both parties to more easily analyze monthly reports.

WSM also has a phone system that includes direct extensions. This system permits customers to directly phone their contact person. It is reported to be both a time saver and prevents clients from becoming frustrated. Customers are even given a supervisor contact in case their specific contact in unavailable. This has improved communications in general.

White Shark Media considers their main responsibility to be the development of increased performance of each client’s AdWord campaign. Additionally, they work hard to minimize complaints before they arise. Company strategists first analyze the customer’s present ad campaigns to determine how they perform.

WSM has discovered that this aids in ensuring that both they and the client know what areas to optimize and which to simply maintain. Company supervisors manage no more than five strategists to make certain everyone’s work can be followed. Finally, the company also provides their customers with a new company strategist if they so request.

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