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The Success of Eric Pulier: an American entrepreneur and author

Eric Pulier is a businessman from Los Angles, California. Pulier is also a renowned philanthropist and author. He is a graduate of the Harvard University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and American literature. During his years a scholar, he was a brilliant student who graduated with a magna cum laude in 1988. Pulier began making a name for himself while in college. Pulier also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was the editor of the Harvard Crimson.

Pulier’s role in business

Pulier has been instrumental in the launch of various ventures. Over two decades ago, he helped establish People Doing Things (PDT), a firm that provided services, such as education and healthcare. He also helped set up Digital Evolution, an interactive agency. Under his management, Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC. Pulier also co-founded Media Platform and Akana. Throughout his career life, he has focused on developing and growing start-ups with the aim of creating jobs and providing diverse services. These ventures have received funding from various local and international investors. Pulier currently works for vAtomic, a firm that strives to interrelate both digital and physical connective experience. vAtomic is based in Santa Monica, California, and provides information services accompanied with high-end user experience, trust, and authenticity.

Pulier’s philanthropic involvement

Pulier is also involved in various charitable activities. He donates to and supports various organizations, including the X-Prize Foundation. Pulier also chairs the board of directors of the X-Prize Foundation. He supports various causes aimed at solving humanities major challenges. He also donates to the Painted Turtle, a camp for children suffering from terminal and chronic illnesses. Pulier also helped set up Starbright, a platform where sick children share their experiences.

He has also authored various articles and books, such as “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” Pulier wrote this book with the help of his longtime friend Hugh Taylor. This book has since received lots of positive reviews and is also offered by the Barnes & Noble. Pulier’s works in business and philanthropy speak for themselves. This entrepreneur has excelled in all areas of his life and currently spends most of his time in Los Angeles with his family.

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