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A Generous Banker Made Startup Investor – Mike Baur

Start-up businesses do not have many people to rely on in their early quests. Having a few individuals that will support the vision, is what can make or break a brand at an early stage. One such individual, who prides himself with years of helping start-ups, is Mike Baur.

Born in Switzerland, Baur has excelled in the area of business and entrepreneurship from the age of 16. He holds an MBA degree from the University of Rochester in New York, and an executive MBA from the Bern University. His career found its roots in banking, where he spent over 20 years after graduating college. Having worked for some major banking companies and moving up the ranks with unprecedented speed, he decided to dedicate himself to investing in start-ups.

Soon after taking on a new role, alongside college friend Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, he co-founded “Swiss Startup Factory”, back in 2014. Currently, their company is the number one independent and privately financed ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Areas of operation where their company takes place is mentoring and training services for promising start-ups. Baur also invests a lot of his personal time in youth entrepreneurship of Switzerland, pushing new ideas and innovation past the barriers of financial limitations.

Swiss Startup Factory also organizes a pitching contest that younger businessmen are encouraged to enter. Baur served as a juror for one of the major contest in 2014, where the only firms accepted were those with less than $1 million in funding. In one of his interviews, Baur disclosed that his main drive for the success of his business is the fact that founders invest their own money without a back-up. Making sure that companies they invest in succeed, will also result in their own Swiss Startup Factory being profitable.

Baur’s decision to leave the lucrative world of banking where he excelled, in order to help smaller start-up companies landed him get a profile written by the Wall Street Journal, one of the world’s leading newspapers on business. His dedication to giving back have enabled many other entrepreneurs to succeed, and he keeps working towards enabling many tech companies to reach their peak.


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