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MB2 Dental: The New Face of Dentistry Profession

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the brain behind the MB2 dental. He is a practicing dentist with the desire to propel the best service in corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner. He has participated at both sides of the business-provider equation; he is thus well placed to run his business professionally without jeopardizing the integrity of his profession.
Dr. Villanueva started the MB2 dental after realizing that dentists required to get some specialized assistance that came free with any strings. Since then, he has offered support to dentists in over 70 locations spread across six States. Currently, he has a workforce of 533 employees and is looking forward to continuing the ever increasing trend of excellence.
Dr. Villanueva started the MB2 dental with an aim to achieve more than just a profit margin. He desires to make MB2 a firm that was solely owned by a dentist to look after the interest of other dentists. The primary focus of the organization focusing on self-improvement, autonomy, support and having fun together as a team. With the organization aiming at making incredible improvements for the ultimate benefit of the client that patronize them. These innovations would then improve the operating standards and developing happier dentists, the result of the interaction is a very happy organic growth in the business.
Dr. Villanueva argues that he came up with the idea of MB2 dental right after graduation. At this time, a fresh graduate had only two options. To join consortia of other dentists and enjoy the economies of scale or venture into private practice. As a dentist, he had an idea that would enable a practitioner to be on the two ends and still reap the benefits. That is how MB2 was born, to help various professionals enjoy irrespective of their area. The theory being, place dentists first, they will be motivated and hence provide superior services to their patients.
MB2 is unique as compared to the other traditional dental practices. The new program brings forth life in the career by focusing more than just earning huge profit margins. As a person, Dr. Villanueva attributes his success to the people and friends that he surrounds himself with. Villanueva believes that to bring any idea to fruition; there must be very high level of collaboration between different players and stakeholders. He subscribes to the synergy school of thought, the rationale of this being that people are better off two or more than when acting individually.

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