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Lime Crime is Here to Revolutionize Makeup

According to the article on the, if you can recall the Polly Pocket toys people used to play with when they were still children of the nineties. The small, portable doll toys that immediately made the owner the coolest kid in the school. Lime Crime is letting people relive it all again. From September 19, 2017, the cult-favorite brand will be launching Pocket Candy Palettes. They are just as adorable or even more adorable than the OG kid’s toys.

These palettes that are Polly-inspired look the same as the dolls that people were keeping in the back of their Jordache jeans, except that these latest ones are functional as the products open to become eyeshadow palettes. The cases of the pastel come in three colors that show five full-size buttery shadows. All compacts contain neutral and bright shades, so people have got options. You can buy one of the palettes that you like for 34 dollars or purchase the whole bundle for 90 dollars.

The mission of Lime Crime brand is revolutionizing makeup, from the way people shop for the product to how it makes them feel. It’s known to be among the first digitally-native brands of beauty. It has come to be a cult favorite as well as a leader in the social plus digital space. The brand sets trends that often quickly win internet acclaim, while they set new standards for quality and performance. From their trail-blazing beginnings, they have flipped the script of beauty with a category that firsts other brands have rushed to imitate.

The brand wants people to express themselves unapologetically, so they create products that are extremely impressive that people could create looks with that are as individual as their moods. Whether you are a client who is searching for new go-to colors or even a special occasion sparkle, the brand collections are ideally created to put the shade that’s perfect and smiles on clients’ faces. Lime Crime product is certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free by PETA as well as Leaping Bunny. Doe Deere is the founder, owner, and (CEO) chief executive officer of this brand.

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