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Greg Secker Has Powerful Personal Philosophy

A recent interview features Greg Secker’s most powerful views. His personal philosophy of “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy” has provided him with the opportunity of showing the public that it is almost always possible to make money in almost any situation. Secker also strongly believes in creating awareness about promoting charity. Greg Secker began his university studies with agriculture and food sciences but dropped those studies to take up finance at another university. This occurred since Secker simply loves computers, which led to an interview set up by Thomas Cook Financial Services. This ultimately resulted in Greg Secker making trader strategies becoming a part of computer programs. Secker is very interested in Forex. Secker has given more than 6000 presentations at venues such as the National Achievers Congress as well as the Success Summit Congress.

Greg Secker dedicates a considerable amount of his time to being a philanthropist. The Greg Secker Foundation provides young people with the possibility of developing life skills early in life so that they might avoid problems in the future and produce positive results from the very beginning. This has been accomplished in parts of South Africa as well as in Australia by providing young people with electricity, and by helping them to improve their access to education, developing their natural abilities, as well as learning new skills. Secker is a dedicated Ambassador at Ambassadors for City Philanthropy so that he might attract other entrepreneurs and enterprises to actively participating in philanthropy by making it an integral part of their business model and not by only by making charitable donations.

Greg Secker divides his knowledge with others and speaks in many different parts of the world due to the fact that he wants others to have access to life-changing tools. Secker feels that it is important for people to have the possibility of making choices that will guide them to build other options and find empowerment as well as these people helping others. Secker is an author of books that cover financial freedom that assists people in developing their own income. Greg Secker owns more than 17 different companies, which operate in many different fields and areas.

Greg Secker currently focuses most of his time on helping the Filipino people. Secker states: “If you can make a profit, then why not make a difference, too?”.

Secker founded The Greg Secker Foundation, which is an NGO, which establishes partnerships that work together to improve education, leadership and teaches life skills to young teens and adults. Greg Secker is one of the individuals that make up the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” list for 2017.

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