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Marc Sparks and His Unbelievable Success Story in Entrepreneurship

Marc Sparks is a prominent figure in Texas as a highly successful entrepreneur with three decades of brand building experience. He is the founder of a leading venture capital firm in Dallas called Timber Creek Capital. As the Chief Executive of the business, he manages multiple portfolio companies and leads them to become disruptive brands by focusing on providing qualified services to the customers. Interestingly, Sparks has exposure to most of the industries from telecommunication to real estate. This extensive exposure helps him to understand the complexities of any industry in general and provides him better insights about each of them – a major reason for his widespread success in investments across sectors.


It should be noted that Sparks has created more than 40 startups and made them highly successful brands during his 34-years of the entrepreneurial career. He sees each startup as new opportunities or challenges gave by God to overcome them and become humble by showcasing wisdom. While coming to creating brands, Sparks looks for both long-term and short-term growth objectives to ensure a comprehensive growth. He is often referred by his colleagues for a unique quality called Sparks Speed – it means that he is very quick to address various issues and in taking business decisions, which others often lag to catch up.


Sparks says that while most of his ventures were significantly successful, some of them became disastrous. However, he says that those ventures that failed in the market taught him much more than what he could from successful ventures. Therefore, he prefers to speak about his failures than success. Sparks wrote a book named They Can’t Eat You, and that explains about his failures and what he learned from each failed attempts. Also, he says that his book is for the entrepreneurs who think they cannot register success in their ventures, and people who are losing hope in their life. Further, Sparks adds that he often asks himself whether he is ready to lose and how he goes to handle it. He says that he does not fear to lose at all in the life – a must character for every entrepreneur.


Marc Sparks has deep regards to community support programs and philanthropic activities since he started garnering success in business. He is one of the leading contributors of The Samaritan Inn since it founded almost three decades back. It is a homeless shelter for women and children in Texas that provides vocational training, financial support, counseling, health programs, and more. Marc has also helped many homeless families in the state by providing assistance to build their dream homes or constructing homes for them. He established Sparky’s Kids foundation to help financially-struggling children to come out of the poverty – the foundation has supplied more than 1,000 computers to street kids. Learn more:



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