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The Vision of Jose Auriemo Neto for JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto is the president and chief executive officer of JHSF. JHSF was founded in 1972 as a development construction company. The Brazilian company operates in a diverse market with different clients, it is known as one of the leading real estate development firms in Brazil. JHSF owns several properties that are either rented or leased out with a larger part of its market being the middle class. Under the guidance and leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF has developed commercial buildings, restaurants, residential houses, and an international airport. JHSF has the reputation of high level professionalism both amongst its competitors and the clients.

Jose Auriemo Neto took over the leadership of JHSF from his father Fabio Auriemo. His father made the decision upon noticing the passion and vision that Jose Auriemo Neto had for the company. Jose Roberto and Fabio Auriemo came together to found the company but shortly after split it since they had different ideas. Jose Auriemo Neto advised his father to purchase a parking lot in Marginal Pinheiros. The land seemed worthless and businessman did not pay much attention to it and so JHSF purchased it at a low price. The land later on turned out to be one of the most profit generating properties of the company.

JHSF then went ahead to grow as a development company with big business prospects in Salvador, New York, and Sao Paulo. Jose Auriemo Neto has always been committed to ensure that the company remains innovative and that it offers quality service and products to the clients.

Jose Auriemo Neto has overseen the company venture into its first retail business entering into a partnership with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. Later on the company secured a partnership with Valentino to launch the first Brazilian Valentino and R.E.D store. Jose Auriemo Neto has a good vision for JHSF and under his leadership, the company is set to offer more to the Brazilian market.

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