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Jason Hope donates half a million dollars to the SENS foundation

Over the last 20 years, Arizona has produced some of the most innovative and successful tech entrepreneurs of any state in the country, besides California. Part of this has simply to do with the highly educated populace of the state. The state of Arizona has many great technological schools as well as a strong network of business leaders that heavily promote entrepreneurialism within the state’s borders.

Among the great entrepreneurs that the state of Arizona has produced, one stands out. Jason Hope is best known as the brains behind dozens of successful startups. Among these is Jawa, one of the first premium mobile content streaming services, which was able to beat Apple and iTunes to the model that would eventually yield that company billions of dollars a year. In fact, Jawa had a fully developed mobile premium content streaming service business model developed over 10 years before the Apple store was first opened. It is through stunning innovations such as this that Hope has created such a buzz around his tech products and has cemented himself as one of the foremost entrepreneurs in country.

Recently, Hope announced that he had given more than half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, a prestigious private research organization dedicated to studying ways in which scientists can stave off the inevitable effects of aging. Hope has stated that the vast majority of the money will go directly to atherosclerosis research, an area of research in which the scientific community still has a great deal to learn. Atherosclerosis is responsible for the vast majority of deaths each year in the United States. Hope has stated that, if the medical community is eventually able to understand atherosclerosis at the same level that they understand other disease processes, there’s the potential to dramatically increase the average life expectancy of all U.S. citizens.

But he has an even deeper reason for funding research into this killer disease. As an avid reader of the medical literature, Hope began realizing, over the last decade, that many of the diseases that afflict the aging have their roots in similar molecular processes to those which underlie the development of atherosclerosis. Hope reasoned that if it were possible to understand atherosclerosis at the most basic level, it may also be possible to apply that knowledge to any of the other conditions that are associated with geriatric rehabilitation. Some of these diseases, which share many links at the molecular level with the disease processes involved in atherosclerosis, are things like rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma and even the wrinkling of skin as it ages. In effect, Hope believes that finding the cure for atherosclerosis may lead to a real life Fountain of Youth.

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