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Securus Technologies Receives Positive Feedback from Customers

Securus has been and continues to be a top performer in criminal justice technology. It offers solutions for correction, monitoring, investigation, and safety. Securus Technologies is under the leadership of Richard Smith. He is the chairman and CEO of the company. His leadership has propelled the company forward in a steady pace. Securus continues to achieve high heights of success in criminal justice industry. The future is bright for this company.


In every week, Securus launches a new service or product that assists correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. This effort has been received with overwhelming gratitude from customers. They have been writing to the company appreciate its contribution to the society. Products and services from Securus have helped inmates, parolees, and families.


Happy customers

One of the most recognized products is those that monitor inmate activities within the facilities. Monitoring calls identified conversations related to alcohol and drugs. Such indicators enable facility authorities to intervene in advance. Securus is a significant stakeholder to the success of its customers. It has helped them to achieve their objectives.


Receiving positive feedback from clients is important for Securus. These commentaries can be used to evaluate customer satisfaction. In case some customers have concerns, Securus will still know that. Negative feedback is suitable data to establish areas of improvement. In the future, the company will bridge those gaps. Securus Technologies now knows what direction to take in business.


Securus Technologies has based its headquarters in Texas. It is serving over 3,450 clients in public safety. In North America only, Securus supports facilities with a total of over one million inmates. It aims to offer a wide range of solution for various needs in criminal justice. Securus intends to relate with customers by availing emergency response, public information, incident management, communication, biometric analysis, investigation, and inmate self-service and monitoring.


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