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Empowering Women both Economically and Socially

As the world embraces equality, more and more people are standing up for the rights of women. Organizations are putting much emphasis on qualifications rather than gender when hiring and making promotions. In the technical courses, priority is given to women and ladies. All these actions aim at creating a level field in the workspace and the society. As institutions join the fight for women empowerment, NexBank SSB has not been left behind. On October 20th, 2017, they released information about their involvement with Dallas Women Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon. They donated $100,000 aimed at developing the women’s economic security.

The 2017 Luncheon will take place at Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. The Key speaker is Dr. Hope Jahren, a scientist, and author. He is also on Time Magazine list of the top 100 influential people. The address will be broadcasted live in 20 schools. An audience of over 10,000 students is expected. The Luncheon attracts over 1300 people, most of which are business and community leaders. Dallas Women Foundation is a trusted leader in advancing the economic and social change for girls. It’s also the world’s largest regional women fund.

NexBank is a Texas-based financial institution that serves its clients through three core business sectors; commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional financial services. The institutional services are available to large corporations, real-estate investors and middle market companies. Through their executive management teams, the company seeks to provide customized services to their customers. Under the leadership of its founder James Dondero, the company combines years of institutional experience to serve the customers better.

NexBank also offers personalized banking services. The bank has adopted a client-focused approach in its service provision. They understand the needs of families and individual people in Texas. As a result, they have tailored personalized banking solutions. A combination of financial expertise and the institution’s products creates a superior banking experience. The team of experts analyzes a client financial situation which helps them to develop an effective method of managing the cash. Through personalized banking, NexBank offers deposit and cash management services tailored to meet the client preferences. The institution goal is to protect and grow their customer’s funds.

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