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Looking at Fashion and Ethics with Don Ressler and Kate Hudson’s Brand Fabletics

One major issue that people have to deal with when they take an interest in fashion is that of how ethical their chosen brand is doing. There has been a lot of talk about how companies are bringing forth their products. This is especially an issue for clothing stores that sell their items at a low price. When things are discovered about where they are getting their products from and how they are getting their items. When it turns out that the process is not ethical, then people will often feel bad about getting the products there. They may be told to spend more money at another store. However, some stores are going to just charge more for the same type of methods.

One fashion retailer that is worth looking into for its high quality products and ethics is Fabletics. Company owners Don Ressler and Kate Hudson have made special effort to bring forth active wear that is very stylish. Women have a lot of flattering choices that will impress. The best part is that the clothes being offered are created with high quality fabric in a great environment. Women do not have to worry about contributing to a major issue.

With the recent news of Fabletics, women are encouraged to shop at the store and buy the products so that they will support a cause. One of the causes they are going to be supporting is breast cancer. Don Ressler and Kate Hudson have teamed up with the hopes of bringing more awareness to not only breast cancer but all of the different types of cancer.

One thing that can be said about cancer is that it is nothing to be played with. The funding raised by Fabletics can go to higher quality equipment that is meant to discover cancer at a much earlier time. This can help people take care of the issue before it is too late. Fabletics makes health and taking care of cancer very stylish for people. FTBC Global is the company that is going to get all of the proceeds so that more research and tests can be done.

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