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The Impressive History of the OSI Group

The OSI Group, also named OSI Industries by some of their clients, is a company with their headquarters located in the territory of the United States that ships fresh food ingredients and delivers to many countries in the world, including those located in the other side of the globe. They are a multinational food provider with a very high reputation, and are behind some of the biggest fast food brands in the world.

The Chief Executive Officer, the man behind most of the biggest achievements of the OSI Group, is Sheldon Lavin, which received the Global Visionary Award prize in February of 2016 because of his intense dedication to the goals of his company and the many impressive accomplishments that the group had in the previous years.

The group was founded in 1909, a very long time considering the usual lifespan of companies. They are in the market, providing foods and ingredients, for more than a century, and this level of experience is unmatched in the industry. They are the oldest company providers in their market, and have maintained some of the most competitive prices and the best food quality to this day.

Although their headquarters are in the U.S., they have an international presence. The group has subsidiaries in many other countries, with over 65 facilities scattered across more than fifteen nations and their territories. This global presence is unmatched and makes sure that they can deliver their products in the fastest time with the lowest cost addition. More than that, their international presence makes sure that even countries that do not have a subsidiary in their location can have their order delivered very fast because of the possibility of many locations working on different orders at once.

When asked about the success of the OSI Group, even after more than a hundred years since the foundation of the company, Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO of the corporation, smiled. For him, the biggest success of the group is not in the figures and the global presence that they have achieved, but in the consecutive positive reviews that new clients give every single week.

Sheldon Lavin is not only the businessman that is currently leading the way to the business, but he is also a philanthropist and a charitable person by heart. He has already donated many times to noble causes and to people in need.

The OSI Group is sure to remain a relevant name in the food industry for many more decades to come.

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