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ClassDojo App; A platform for Connecting and empowering students, teachers and parents

ClassDojo is an application that was founded in 2011 in San Francisco by Sam Chaudhary and Liam enhance educational technology platform. This app turned out to create a great communication platform for the students, teachers, and parents. It currently faces no competition from other apps designed to perform the same function. The ClassDojo app enables the teachers to showcase the student’s participation in various school activities by sharing videos and photos with their parents.

It enables parents to be aware of anything happening in the school environment as it provides them with information on a daily basis on everything happening in the school either about their academic progress or their social behavior.

ClassDojo app enables a teacher to organize all the school activities with the parent’s knowledge without having to call for regular parents meetings.

One of the investors and The Managing Director of General Catalyst, Hemant Taneja said that ClassDojo’s primary purpose was to enhance digital learning. However, it turned out to be more useful to both the students and parents. It has created an excellent communication and beneficial platform that improves a smooth flow of activities ion the school and also at home. Besides, it has been essential for academic and social behavior taming. The app provides the parents and the students with essential and educational guidelines that they can buy online. The content includes videos, discussion guides that parents use with their children while away from school.

He sees the class dojo app in future developing into a social platform like Snapchat and Facebook that will enable smooth interaction all over. Mr. Hemant says that the class dojo app in future might be handy to parents as they will be able to make different payments in schools without the use of cheese and cash.

The ClassDojo app is used in 85,000 private and public schools in the United States from the kindergarten level to the grade level. ClassDojo app does not charge anything for data usage by its users, but instead, it has created some features and content that a person has to pay to gain access to it. Despite the fact that no significant revenue has been generated so far from the app, the investors aim at improving it and distributing it to more schools around to make communication between parents, teachers, and students easy.

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