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Susan McGalla Still Leading The Way For Women CEOs

Women who want a blueprint to success in the boardroom should look no further than CEO Susan McGalla. She became one of the youngest and most successful CEOs after working her way up through American Eagle Outfitters.

McGalla was able to achieve massive success because of her fearless nature, smarts, professionalism and drive. She is clearly one of the leaders who cracked the glass ceiling and paved the way for other successful women CEOs.

The numbers do not lie regarding women and how they contribute to a business’s success. According to statistics, corporations that are gender-diverse outperform other companies by 15%.

McGalla credits her upbringing with helping her learn how to work with all people. Her father was a football coach and she had two older brothers who gave her little slack because she was a girl. It was a valuable lesson that she carried through all aspects of her life and high-level positions.

According to McGalla, the relatively low number of women in CEO positions is not because of the lack of opportunity, networks or initiatives. It has far more to do with women supporting each other. “There simply aren’t enough women in high positions to lend enough support,” according to McGalla. She went on to say that men hold the vast majority of the high-powered positions, but that must change.

McGalla is a native of Pittsburgh. She graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in marketing. Right after graduation, she began working for Joseph Horne Company in marketing and management. She moved on to American Eagle Outfitters, where she worked as a divisional merchandise buyer before she assumed to role of CEO.

Today, McGalla runs her company P3 Executive Consulting. She is also strategic marketing manager for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

McGalla says gender diversity is the key to making businesses grow. “The statistics cannot be ignored. And companies should work to make change.”

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