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Trabuco: The Ultimate Weapon Of The Past

Used during the Middle Ages, the Trabuco is a weapon used for firing projectiles over walls or crushing masonry walls, similarly like a catapult. It’s sometimes referred to as a balancing Trabuco which was made after the traction Trabuco.

The traction Trabuco, according to reports, began with China according to This is when more people pull back the ball, wood, diseased body, or another object. The more force will be used to drive the object over the wall or crush it. Having said that, the Trabuco was derived from the idea of the old-fashioned slingshot. When putting a small rock in the sling, it must be pulled back and then let go. When significant force is applied to pull the object back on the sling, the force will be carried out upon releasing the object on the sling. Also, when referring to people back in those days using a dead, diseased body to send unto the enemy camp, reports have shown they did that in attempts to make the disease spread in the enemy’s city on And for those using more manpower for more force, reports have shown they used 18 to 45 local men to fight for their city by pulling back the sling.


The Trabuco includes the potential transformation energy into kinetic energy. Part of the energy is dissipated in the friction form. Also, the counterweight size is in direct proportion to the projectile velocity. This is because more counterweight requires stronger projectile. Additionally, the potential kinetic and gravitational energy is linked directly to the weapon’s operation.

And when it comes to the balancing Trabuco, it is also referred to the conventional Trabuco. And once gunpowder was invented, superior designs came into being. The Trabuco became useless. And the invasion is frustrating invasion was becoming obsolete. The canon was also invented.

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