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Is Investing In Regular Cars A Bad Idea By Now? Paul Mampilly Weighs In

Forty percent of Americans own stocks of some sort. However, the question is whether they are making smart investments. Investing in stocks will always be something of a risk unless you know what you’re doing. Paul Mampilly is an expert investor. You should take advice from expert investors like him if you want to avoid the risks of investing.

Paul Mampilly believes that you should try to invest in things that will become very popular in the future. For an example of this, look at smartphones. Before smartphones, everyone owned a flip phone or a Nokia. Nowadays, people would not even consider buying one of those. The same can be said for electric cars. If you missed out on investing in smartphones when they first came out, now is your opportunity to invest in electric cars.

If you now realize that investing in flip phones would have been a bad idea once smartphones started coming out, you should realize that it is already a bad idea to invest in companies that are producing regular cars. Instead, invest in companies that are producing electric cars. These will become popular for a reason. First of all, they will greatly reduce the costs of owning and maintaining a vehicle, simply because they have just a few moving parts, as opposed to regular cars, which have so many moving parts that can always break down. In addition, there will no more costs of gas. Over the next few years and decades, everyone will start using these cars. Some countries are already adapting to them.

Paul Mampilly is an expert investor who is now widely recognized for his accurate predictions expert advice. He is called upon by major news outlets to appear on their channels and give his advice. In addition, he has a Profits Unlimited newsletter that has ninety thousand subscribers. They get access to his valuable information about investing.

Paul Mampilly has a track record of making successful investments that have paid themselves off. He founded Profits Unlimited. His advice is sought out by many investors who are looking for solid advice on how to profit.

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