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Fabletics: Using Every Review Possible

All companies use reviews to represent their products and services. Most companies ignore negative reviews and only promote positive reviews. There are a few companies that truly understand the benefits of online reviews. Even negative reviews can tell a company a lot about the markets.

Obviously, all reviews are important; especially these days. Customers use online reviews to determine final purchases. It’s kind of strange to see the power shift into the hands of the crowd. While some people use this power for personal gain, most are just sharing their opinions about products and services they have experience with.

This trend also created a new industry: online review sites. Companies like Yelp and Trustpilot are capitalizing on this trend just as much as the businesses getting reviewed. Both review companies have seen tremendous contributions to their sites over the last decade. Trustpilot reports they get 20,000 new visitors every day.

This new consumer behavior forces companies to be honest. It’s left a lot of selfish companies behind and promoted generous companies. It should be hard for companies to uphold some level of standards that put their customers first. The power of the crowd has restored balance to the company-customer relationship.

Fabletics is a company that’s focused on building on that relationship. Fabletics’ premise: offer on-trend fashion at affordable prices. Activewear is an ever-growing fashion trend that didn’t have one brand that sold both affordable and on-trend fashion. Fabletics was the first to combine the two aspects with personalized service.

So far, the public’s responded well. In just four years, Fabletics has become one of the most popular activewear brands in the country. They have over 20 million social media followers, 18 retail stores, and 1.2 million monthly members. Last year, the company’s sales increased by 43 percent.

The biggest influence leading Fabletics is co-founder Kate Hudson. She’s played a significant role in the business’s expansion and international success. Fabletics is sold in eight countries. It’s also one of the most talked fashion brands in the world. A lot of that activity is caused by the numerous discounts offered for their products.

People look at Fabletics and assume that their products are cheaply made. It surprises a lot of women to discover that Fabletics’ quality is more than they expected. Most people use Fabletics’ free lifestyle quiz to see what kind of styles the brand has before officially becoming a member.

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