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Leadership Means Using Core Principles within Any Business

Jeffry Schneider has been in business most of his adult life. He has an array of business skills and knows how to bring leadership to the forefront.

Effective leadership is measured by the outcome of their business ventures, projects and other efforts which exemplifies the credibility of not only the leader, but the entire organization. There needs to be a strategic pathway for a leader to accomplish this important role for everyone involved.

Leadership focuses on the Common Goal for Uniformity

The guiding principle of leadership is to steer others towards a common goal, objective or needed outcome. A leader becomes the most-influential part of any business in order to attain the desired results, which at times can be very complex. The fundamental core of a leader is someone that has the self-sufficiency to bring out the best in others while maintaining a positive environment. Regardless of the vision or mission, an effective leader always maintains the focus or intent of the business objective. The leader’s focus is critical to maintaining a consistent level of support for any business objective.

Executing Directives Appropriately Establishes More Than a Desired Outcome

Leaders are typically held in high regard and respected by their staff, which is essential to any successful outcome. Without being overbearing, controlling or demanding, a great leader is someone who commands an organization while executing directives.  They also have the confidence to allow individuals to initiate tasks for the improvement of the organization or company. In fact, most successful leaders are those who release control over their staff and not only support their initiatives but also encourage them. Such initiatives allowed by a leader can be very useful for accomplishing company goals.

Choosing to lead from a Distance Brings Greater Results

Leadership is more helpful to a company from a reasonable distance than it is as a forcible presence to oversee every aspect of business operations. While there are times when a leader needs to exercise higher visibility, and be more hands-on within the operations, leaders who choose to engage at a high level are accomplishing objectives at a stronger pace than a leader that hovers. Leadership is at its highest when successful outcomes are achieved even when the leader is not physically present. Although motivation is typically a self-imposed part of an individual, leaders who encourage, support and show interest in individual’s goals receive results reflective of a higher motivation as well as individual ownership within their company.

As a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Jeffry Schneider was taught the significance of leadership as well as community service. The University has a long-time mission on the importance of community service as well as leadership development. The UMass Community Action Service through Leadership and Service is an essential part of the curriculum that Jeffry learned while attending.

The program was his first exposure to knowing the importance of leadership and how it multiple facets of business, social structures and communities. Jeffry worked with the LifeWorks organization in October 2017 to help young mothers and families in crisis within the Texas community as well as philanthropy efforts with a community drive project. LifeWorks is committed to helping families restore their lives through difficult financial circumstances, and Jeffry’s leadership was essential to the project. He showed by example the ability to put others first while maintaining a leadership role for an extremely worthy cause.

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