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Clay Houston Implements High Grade Sound Equipment For Arron Lewis Show

Every artist on the road and touring from one place to another knows the importance of tour managers. They are the people that can help put together your entire tour and held coordinate and manage it to the best of their abilities. Without tour managers, artists would have to perform all the activities on their tour by themselves, which could be tiring. But while these people are some of the most important to have as the artist performs from place to place, it is also important to have a good tour manager who knows what he is doing. The tour manager must have a good amount of experience when it comes to the actions that they have to carry out, and must also be able to get along with everyone to not cause the artists any trouble.



Clay Houston is one person who is known throughout the industry for the kind of work that he does as a tour manager. He is known to have partaken in some of the biggest tours in the country, managing the tours and coordinating all of the activities that one must partake in. He is also known to be an excellent sound engineer and has an incredible pool of knowledge with regards to the field and the kind of shows that he helps put together and the intricacies behind them. His experience and work have led him to be asked for by several top artists from the country.



The most recent artist that Clay Houston worked with was Arron Lewis. Lewis had specifically asked for Houston to work with him, after having witnessed the work that he had been doing for other notable artists. One of the reasons why Houston got a lot of attention during this tour was because of the kind of equipment that he used. Being a sound engineer, he knows exactly what equipment would work well with the kind of show that he is trying to manage, and what would work best for the artist and the stage that they are performing on. Sound engineers all over the country commended Houston for the work that he had done and for the production quality that he had put forth for the show.  Learn more:



Clay Houston runs his own live event management organization through which he works with artists from all over America. He provides them with nothing short of the very best in tour management services.



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