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Drew Madden Makes The Case That Amazon And CVS Are Your New Healthcare Industry Players

There are plenty of different companies that are involved in the healthcare sector. However, not as many of them are taking steps to best serve their customers. Some have been a lot better about innovating for the future than others.

Perhaps the outright king of innovation among all companies is Amazon. It is one that Drew Madden has watched with wonderment. Drew Madden is a healthcare IT entrepreneur. He says that Amazon has made an interesting move by applying for licenses in a number of states that would permit them the opportunity to sell pharmaceutical products in those states. If they entered those markets, it could disrupt the way that people receive their healthcare products for many years to come.

The other side of the coin are those companies that are already a major part of the healthcare landscape. These include companies like CVS who have clearly prepared themselves for the possibility that Amazon could come knocking on their door so to speak. For more details visit Bloomberg.

CVS has had to be afraid of this because a lot of times when Amazon comes knocking on the door of any industry, they make a big splash along the way. They cause other companies that are in that industry to tank as people fear that Amazon will become the dominant player almost immediately. CVS knew that there was a chance that this could happen in their case as well, but they sealed themselves off from the potential for such attacks. They decided that they did not want to put up with that at all. Instead, they would brace themselves by purchasing the insurance company Aetna and by guaranteeing next-day delivery at all of their MinuteClinic locations throughout the country.

The question about if this will be enough to ward off Amazon in the long run is an interesting one that we have to keep asking. It is not entirely clear if Amazon will continue to make great strides in the industry or not. What we do know is that CVS is preparing themselves for the battle. The question about if that battle will actually arrive or not is still yet to be answered.

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