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Pop-Up Store The RealReal

Julie Wainwright, founder and chief executive officer, of The RealReal has a popular company on the rise making headlines for its funding and sales, but also its staying power in a society where retail has been hit hard and often times struggles to stay afloat. However, this is entrepreneur is overcoming the retail brick and mortar statistics with one The RealReal location at a time.

Luxury consignment retailer, The RealReal, is ran by a woman who is renowned for her ability and success with working with startup companies. Julie Wainwright has led her company to receive over one hundred million dollars in funding. But that is little money compared to how much her company is on track to see by the end of this year. She has big plans for her company believing the luxury retailer will see half a billion dollars in merchandise by the closeout of the year. She credits her business’s success to building trust and ensuring the cosigner the care The RealReal will give to their items.

The RealReal previously had a pop-up shop in New York City in 2016. This SoHo location brought in two million dollars in sales. The fashion founder expresses how when a customer walks into the store they are consumed because of the features and values of the brand. The average order value in The RealReal location is six times that of an order from online. Because of this success this sprung the idea to create more pop-up shops in other markets.

The RealReal had a pop-up location in San Francisco, California. For two months, the store helped build brand awareness amongst its customer base there. After the pop-up store finished its stint there, an increase of five hundred percent in online sales from that area have occurred, proving the lasting effect The RealReal’s pop-up places have on customers.

Julie Wainwright’s fashion company plans to open locations in Las Vegas and a brand new flagship store in New York. The RealReal is on the forefront for succeeding in the pop-up world and shows only signs of growth in retailing luxury consignment.

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