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“Roll Over” Wires with NewsWatch TV’s Latest Review

Contour Design has become an innovator in desktop comfort. They have created products that allow freedom from wires, and from the rigidity of standard keyboard/mouse accessories. Contour Design has compiled a platform that brings together convenience and usability. The Ultimate Workstation defines product innovation.

The Ultimate Workstation includes The RollerMouse Red as well as the Balance Keyboard. An upgraded package would include the The RollerMouse Free3. With the former option you will not need keyboard risers, thus allowing a more fitting approach. Wires have also been eliminated when using this advantage. A consumer now has the flexibility to maneuver openly with either preferred kit.

The world has become more connected than ever in the past. As a culture, we now work, play, and speak more with our wrists and fingers. Our movements have become more elaborate, and the amount of time spent executing these acts of typing have become magnified. The wear and tear on your joints and ligaments also has spiked.

The Ultimate Workstation ,with its compact and sleek design, can aid in minimizing the overuse of these critical bodily components.The sizable roller bar eliminates the odd lineament we endure when moving between keyboard and classic mouse setup. The addition of The Balance Keyboard is what sets The UltimateWorkstation a cut above the rest.

Sitting has become the norm when entering any work environment. Throughout an 8-12 hour shift our bodies contort, knot, twist and pop all while trying to keep our eyes centered. The Ultimate Workstation is a fresh new take on an often overlooked workplace functionality issue.

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