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Vijay Eswaran: A Wise Businessman And Caring Prosperity Teacher

The QI Group, the wildly successful network marking company, was founded at a time when things were very tough in Asia economically. Many were doubtful 1998 was a good time to launch such a company. But the company’s co-founder Vijay Eswaran had no doubt about the success of his enterprise. In his mind’s eye, he clearly saw millions of people clamoring to buy his products and his staff enjoying success beyond their wildest dreams. And he got the staff of the fledgling QI Group to passionately embrace that vision, hold it in the minds and take steps every day to make it a reality.

Within 10 years the company was enjoying great success. Eswaran and many members of his marketing network who came from humble beginnings were prospering like never before. It was like the vision they crafted with Vijay Eswaran and worked towards had amazingly become a reality. The QI Group’s marketing team members were not surprised. It was exactly what they envisioned and expected. Their success enabled them to help their relatives, friends and neighbors enjoy a better life because of the principles and personal and business philosophy they had learned from Vijay Eswaran.

To help as many people as possible unleash their potential and enjoy the joyous, prosperous life that is available to them, Vijay Eswaran has written down the keys to attracting success in a series of books and articles. He also shares them in his talks to business groups, students, his employees and people around the world. He wants them to understand that they too can prosper if they can see a picture of themselves succeeding clearly in their mind, keep it there every day and take the steps necessary to bring it to pass. The process is simple yet effective and many have improved their lives using it.

Many people think of Vijay Eswaran as a superior businessman with an incredible business plan that led the QI Group to success and transformed the lives of the people working with the company. Eswaran teaches he simply used focused creative visualization combined with consistent positive action.

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