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Graham Edwards Leads Top Property Investment Company

Graham Edwards is the chief executive officer of a prominent United Kingdom based company Telereal Trillium. He has occupied this position since the year 2001 when the company was first formed. As the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium, Graham has overseen a number of projects that have enabled the company to prosper. One of this most notable accomplishments was one where he initiated a transaction where helped get over 6,000 properties transferred to Telereal. This resulted in over 2 billion pounds of revenue for the company. In the year 2009, Graham negotiated to help get Telereal Trillium acquired from another company known as Land Securities Group PLC. With this deal, Trillium would become the market leader in both property outsourcing and investment.

As well as being the chief executive officer of Teleral Trillium, Edwards has also held a number of key positions at other companies. Before joining Telereal Trillium, Graham was the chief investment officer at the company known as Talisman Global Asset Management. When he was at this company, he helped establish the company as a top Pears FSA registered asset management firm. He has also worked at top companies such as Merrill Lynch where he served as a fund manager as well as being the head of finance for the BT Group as well. Therefore Graham has a lot of experience in property investment and asset management. These experiences have allowed him to have the necessary expertise in running Teleral Trillium.

Telereal Trillium is a property investment and development firm based in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in three main areas such as investment, development and property partnerships. With investment, the company either directly invests in real estate properties or helping corporations make investments in property. The company also participates in development where it will construct new properties and either sell them or rent them out to tenants. Lastly, the property partnership branch of the company consists of helping occupiers of large properties more efficiently manage them. With a wide range of services, Telreal Trillium has emerged as one of the top real estate and investment companies in the nation. It has proven to be very effective at helping a number of entities get the most out of real estate investment and capital management for real estate transactions. Know more on (Wikipedia).



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