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OSI Food Solutions: Major Acquisitions The Company Has Made

OSI Food Solutions has made a number of acquisitions throughout the years. The company is a leading supplier of various food products. Before we talk about the acquisitions they’ve made, we’re going to tell you a little about the company, as well as provide info about employment/careers with them.

About OSI Food Solutions

The company was founded back in 1909, but they weren’t known as OSI Food Solutions; They were known as Otto & Sons USA. They changed their name in 1975. Between 1975 and 1993, they expanded to various areas such as Germany, Spain, Brazil and they opened facilities in Utah and in Chicago.

As previously mentioned, the company is a food provider and they are one of the largest companies of its kind in America. However, they supply food to many places around the world. They are known for offering customers food solutions that are customized, expertise of the supply chain industry and facilities that allow OSI to bring meal ideas and menus to life.

Careers & Employment

OSI Food Solutions believes that employees play a crucial role in their success, which is why they are constantly looking to hire individuals. They hire in various areas, such as the UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, Hungary and throughout the United States. Positions range from quality assurance workers, maintenance technicians, product development manager, freezer warehouse workers, general labor operations and corporate marketing interns to name a few. Their current job openings can be found via their websites. They have different job sites for the different countries they are hiring in.

Major Acquisitions

One of their most major acquisitions was BAHO Food. They acquired the Dutch company back in 2016 and this allowed them to expand further into Europe. A few years ago OSI acquired Flagship Europe, which was a leader in the food supply industry in the United Kingdom. In 2016, OSI purchased an old Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. The company spent over $7.1 million to buy the property. The former plant was purchased because OSI wanted to meet their customers’ needs in a more efficient way.

OSI Food Solutions offers great career and employment opportunities. With the acquisitions OSI has made, it’s safe to say the company will continue to grow and expand. Those who wish to apply for a job with OSI Food Solutions can visit their website, which is also where they can learn more about their products, services and about them.

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