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National Sexual Abuse Practice: Herman and Crew Push for 50 Years Prosecution Time Limit

There is a bill in Congress relating to sexual abuse of children. It is especially noteworthy because it is one that has attracted lots of debate and touches on the rights of children. Owing to the magnitude of the content of the bill, Corey Feldman has joined the fray to drum support for the passing of the bill. Sarah Powers; a star player in the USA volleyball team, has also thrown her weight behind the bill; code named The Child Victims Act (S.809). Jeff Herman, the renowned rape victim defender is strongly behind the bill. There is widespread national support for the bill to be passed on the floor of the Senate this legislative season. Mr. Feldman hopes to help to exert pressure on the senators that are trying to prevent the bill from seeing the light of day, to allow it to be passed. He says he has joined the crusade in support of the bill in the hope that he will help it gain the needed attention to push the bill to be passed into The Child Victims Act.

The Sponsors and the Intrigues

The bill has already generated lots of attention and debate. There is even a group that calls itself New Yorkers Against hidden Predators trying to rally popular support for the bill. The bill sponsored by Brad Hoylman seeks to get rid of criminal and civil limitation statutes that interfere with the execution of Child Abuse Cases. According to the prevailing statutes, any cases are supposed to be brought forth for hearing within five years from the date when they were committed. The bill seeks to amend the statutes and allow the cases to remain valid for up to 50 years. In other words, there should not be a limitation to the time frame within which child abuse cases can be prosecuted. There have been concerted efforts to repeal the existing statutes of limitation of the child sexual abuse cases. Indeed, various versions of the Child Abuse Act have been passed by the New York assembly in the recent past. According to the Quinnipiac Poll, 90.6% of residents of New York support the passing of the bill.

Jeff Herman is a professional lawyer based in Florida. He specializes in child abuse cases. The firm offers pro bono services to victims of sexual abuse. However, in its community service agenda, Jeff Herman Law firm insists that it is best to tackle child abuse cases through education. It has set up a team of experts to accomplish the same. Jeff Herman is widely known for successfully representing rape victims in the USA. He dedicates all his practice time towards representing rape victims. He is also involved in advocacy activities. One of his most outstanding legal battles is his win against Father Neil Doherty of Miami Diocese. He won $100 million on behalf of the victim.

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