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The Unique Formula of Natural Ingredients and Enzymes Found in Heal N Soothe

As a current member of the American Nutraceutical Association, Living Well Nutriceuticals makes a line of products under the label of Heal N Soothe. The purpose of this line is to provide people with alternative methods of treatment other than what is available for prescription or synthetically produced medications. Made using natural plant extracts, the products available from Living Well do not pose the same health risks as prescription drugs. As products containing ingredients found in nature, the most significant side effect potentially associated with any product would be an allergic reaction.

The Heal N Soothe supplements available from Living Well Nutraceuticals cover a range of health related conditions and concerns people might have. They offer two easy to use products for pain relief associated with arthritis, sciatica, back pain and even pain due to cancer. The capsule version of this company’s pain reliever also works as an effective anti-inflammatory. The other form of pain reliever is available as a topical cream. This company also has products to aid with sleep or weight loss. Their Thin Mist supplement not only helps people shed unwanted pounds, but it also helps boost their energy levels, increase their muscle and even improve the health of their bones.

The products available in the Heal N Soothe line contain a unique blend of ingredients that utilize what has become known as systemic enzyme therapy. These products contain proteolytic systemic enzymes, which work within the body to help maintain a state of good health by boosting immune functions and fighting inflammation. Some of the other natural ingredients found in these products include turmeric, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Boswellia is another natural extract widely used in Indian medicine. This herb has also been shown to fight inflammation as well as improve blood circulation.

In addition to containing natural ingredients, Heal N Soothe supplements are also free of animal derivatives, which means they could be used by vegans. In fact, in addition to the blend of systemic enzymes, the ingredients that make up their pain reliever supplement includes the extracts of boswellia, ginger root, yucca root and turmeric. Sold as a bottle containing 90 vegetable supplements, the recommended serving per use is three capsules. People could find this supplement available through the company website or through other online retail sites such as The Healthy Back, that help promote good health through the use of natural products.

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