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Malcolm Casselle and His Revolutionary P2P Platform for Online Gamers

Bitcoin is here to stay, and whether you’re part of it, against it or you see it as a threat, there’s no way we’re going back. Many people are profiting from its growth, and one of these people who are showing great success in doing so is Malcolm Casselle and his passionate work for Wax, a gaming trade asset, is a force to reckon.

An Ignition of The World

One of the most exciting things about the passions of Mr. Malcolm is the fact that he has skin in the game, which means he puts his money where his mouth is. He’s not just words. He doesn’t tell people to invest in something that he didn’t invest in. In short, he walks the walk. And the walk he’s passionate about right now is in the field of crypto currency. He’s passionate about leveraging the new technologies in bit coin in improving the gaming company that he already started, which was Opskins, a gaming company that sells gaming skins and that offers valuable products to gamers today.

OPSkins currently holds the number one spot among companies that are trading in bit coin. With Malcolm Cassele’s leadership as its CIO, it is seeing even more promising growth, not to mention revolutionary improvements that will put anyone in the tech business in awe. In the light of the new competition in the bit coin industry, Malcolm upends the game by making sure he answers two of the problems in virtual assets trade: fraud and defragmentation. To address this, he created Wax.

WAX or Worldwide Asset exchange is a continuity of some sorts to Opskins, except that it is now more robust and offers a more elaborate set of services that help people get the best, most secure virtual assets trade in the world. The P2P marketplace that WAX promises not only makes sure that consumers’ bit coin gets to where they should be, it also offers the most profound and robust identity security. The revolutionary way of Wax to make sure that fragmentation no longer exists in the world of block chain virtual assets trading is a source of inspiration to many of today’s thriving tech start-ups.

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