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Stansberry Research and Its Analysis of The Propensity of U.S. To Get Into A Trade War

The world we live in is getting more perplexing and unfathomable. The complexities in the modern financial market are so worrisome that it’s not such a farfetched idea that there might be an increased risk of getting into wars, as an article from The Stansberry Research would show. In the March 15, 2018, article of its website, Justin Brill wrote that the recent scenario in the global financial system today is that U.S. is now inching closer to varieties of war.


The Japanese Stocks

The Stansberry Research report did a synthesis between this risk and the current situation happening in Japan’s stocks, especially Japan’s central bank, which held a lot of influence in how the inflation would go. The quantitative easing program in Japan could also be a determining factor in its increased contribution to the risks.

These current scenarios would show that there could arise a global trade war that would spell disaster not only for the U.S. but also for the neighboring stakeholders in the crises. This is the reason why many risk experts and hedge fund analysts would say that we have to decentralize. We have to find ways to disconnect one financial system from one another, so that if one system fails, the rest of the parts of the world don’t get easily affected, and would still be saved.

Truly, for the situation to not escalate to worrisome lengths, the writer of the research suggested that we should be assessing our business goals as a country, and we should always do self-evaluation in the country’ ability to grow and withstand economic challenges.


About Stansberry Research

Stanberry Research has maintained the reputation of becoming one of the most prominent research service providers in the world that cover a wide series of topics, including dividend investing, investment strategies, fixed income and precious metals investments.

The research firm’s coverage of alternative assets and income-generating options should also be an excellent reference for traders who want the best services and advice for their portfolio. The offers of Stansberry include investment recommendations, a subscription for Stansberry Newswire and lifetime access to the different publications that can give an advantage over the competition.



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