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Stream Energy Gives Back To the Community

Stream Energy Patch is a direct-selling energy company, and it’s foundation, Stream Cares are making even more local news by their students helping the needy. The Patch community comes up with some of the best content, regarding being contributors to the community. Stream Energy Patch has a blogging platform that allow its users to write about their book that they have written, or give their review on a restaurant they have visited, an event they are getting ready to attend, or talk about their favorite activities they like to engage in.

When Hurricane Harvey struck, the Stream Cares Foundation were there to be of assistance to Houston’s residents and were also able to help those in Dallas as well utilizing supply organizations for the people in Texas. Within the city of Houston, a lot of their residents lost homes, companies, pets, and even their lives, fortunately Stream Energy were able to lend a helping hand with their foundation.

Stream Energy has been able to use the funds that they have accumulated from its energy sales, to be one of the first that were able to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief, at the same time were also able to help its customers financially with their corporate philanthropy. It’s part of their nature to step in and be of assistance throughout the state of Texas, and all across the United States, for than 12 years.

The whole mission at Stream Energy is to build their brand on giving to the community more than just money, but also supplies that are not accessible at the time of a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey. In Dallas a lot of their companies are following the example of Stream Energy, and are setting the stage for donating within their communities, which in-turn is having a major impact on who they are, and how caring they can be when it comes to taking part in charity.,-TX-jobs.html

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