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Alex Pall Leads The Chainsmokers To Global Domination

In the view of Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers, there can often be something of a disconnect between the work completed by a DJ on a recording and the song itself which often feels it is owned by a guest performer. This is one area of the electronic music industry Alex Pall and his musical collaborator, Andrew Taggart have been trying to change for the better in their own career by taking a more prominent role in every aspect of their career.

Alex Pall explains his early experiences of building The Chainsmokers brand were not always positive with songwriters bringing their songs to the duo and expecting them simply to create something from what they were presented with. Pall and Taggart felt this was not a positive way of working and would continue to see their own involvement in every aspect of the creation of their songs build until it they were writing and performing their own material.

In recent interviews, Alex Pall explains this is a positive move the duo have discussed and believed this will help them cement their place in the global music industry as this would allow them to develop a strong performance-based reputation as artists in their own right. Among the problems, Alex Pall identified as being a major part of the reason why DJ’s are rarely seen out of the booth when performing their own material is a lack of authorship in terms of the songwriting process and performance aspects of the careers DJ’s tend to build.

One of the earliest decisions made by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart when they began their collaboration in 2012 was a desire to learn more about the songwriting process which has led to the DJ duo using their own experiences to develop songs. Alex Pall believes the desire to write their own songs adds to the confidence of The Chainsmokers to step out of the DJ booth and allow their own faces to be seen by the public.

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