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Securus technology is a prison technology firm based in the United States. The company was initiated in 1986 with its headquarters at Dallas in Texas, and it has other offices located in Allen, Atlanta, and Carrollton. The company has around one thousand people with more than two thousand six hundred contracts within the United States correctional facilities. This company invested over six million dollars in patents, technology, and acquisitions in July 2006 and it has since been the lead company in the United States when it comes to providing public and correctional facilities security with approvals from more than five correctional facilities by this time. The company developed a wireless repression solution which is meant to avert contraband phones access to mobile networks. The company has blocked over one million, seven hundred thousand inmate calls since November 2007 from correctional facilities.


Securus technology is a prominent company known for its provision of criminal and civil technology-based solutions for correction, investigation, monitoring and providing public safety. Some people have commended this company for averting inmate-on-inmate related crimes too. Robert Johnson is one of the people who used to encourage people to keep cell phones in the hands of inmates in prison. According to him this phone normally endangers the lives of inmates in prison and also the community at large. He worked at Lee correctional facility in South Carolina. His job was to confiscate any contraband at the facility. He did a commendable job at this facility but was shot at his home after having done this work for fifteen years. This was after he discovered a bag of contrabands which was approximated to be worth around fifty thousand dollars. He was shot in the stomach six times but survived after twenty-three surgeries. The convict who was responsible for his shooting was charged with attempted murder and being in possession of a contraband phone.


Putting up guards to confiscate contraband phones and other illegal items in correctional facilities is dangerous, and so companies like securus technologies should be integrated into the system to deal with this menace. Over the years, people who have used this technology have come up and beard witness as to how this company has transformed their lives. Some have been able to confiscate contrabands through information from criminal’s phones, drugs traffickers, bullies in correctional facilities, potential shootings and other crimes have been brought to light and an action taken by use of this securus company’s technology. Securus technologies ensure that they discover a new way of enhancing law enforcement and security in correctional facilities on a weekly basis according to Richard Smith, who is currently the securus technology chief executive officer, and this has seen the company being top always in providing security and safety in correctional facilities.



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